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Blog Garrigues - Una visión a las relaciones laborales en el año 2020 0

A vision of employment in 2020

In 2015, the European Union promoted and issued a raft of rulings of varying kinds and legal natures which comprised the Guidelines included in the “Europe 2020” strategy. They involve rulings on matters relating...


Data Protection: The force awakens

Definitive boost to the General Data Protection Regulation According to a press release by the European Commission, following three years of strenuous and complex negotiations between the three institutions involved—namely the European Commission, Parliament...


How do severance payments compare in Europe?

In recent years, the severance payable for unfair dismissal in Spain has been subject to several reforms. The 2012 Labor Reform reduced the amount of severance for unjustified dismissal in contracts signed thereafter from 45 to 33 days’ salary per year...