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A vueltas con el ‘REBECA’ 0

Back to ‘REBECA’

A few months ago, the Canary Islands Special Register of Vessels (REBECA) turned 25. While it has been one of the greatest success stories of recent Spanish shipping policy, since it enabled the Spanish-flagged...

La protección de datos, un nuevo reto para las empresas 0

Data protection, a new challenge for companies

One of the aspects of labor relations in which most doubts arise concerns the data protection obligations, rules and policies with which companies must comply. Indeed, an analysis of circulars, instructions, decisions, guidelines, etc....

Poderes notariales en el extranjero 0

Norial powers of attorney abroad

As a result of the internationalization of economic relations, the use of powers of attorney executed outside Spain is becoming increasingly widespread. This has led to a debate as to which requirements these documents...

¿Más vacaciones por dejar de fumar? 0

More vacation for giving up smoking?

Smoking at the workplace except in open-air spaces was banned among the measures in Law 28/2005, of December 26, 2005 on anti-smoking health measures and on the sale, supply, use and advertising of tobacco...

IVA y subvenciones 0

VAT and subsidies

As we have seen on a number of occasions in the past, the VAT treatment given to subsidies has long been a controversial issue. Over recent months, the Catalan tax administration has carried out...

La “uberización” de las relaciones laborales 0

The “uberization” of labor relations

When A.M. Snelson called Uber a “modern business phenomenon” in October 2016 and concluded that its drivers were not independent collaborators but rather were linked to the platform by means of a labor relationship,...

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