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Blog Garrigues - Una visión a las relaciones laborales en el año 2020 0

A vision of employment in 2020

In 2015, the European Union promoted and issued a raft of rulings of varying kinds and legal natures which comprised the Guidelines included in the “Europe 2020” strategy. They involve rulings on matters relating...

Blog Garrigues - El contrato laboral flexible, con bolsa de horas 0

Flexible employment contracts with banking of hours

The Workers’ Statute contemplates the possibility of structuring an irregular distribution of working hours in cases provided for in the applicable collective bargaining agreement or under an agreement between workers’ representatives and the company. However, in...

Blog Garrigues - Los contratos laborales y el desempleo 0

Employment contracts and unemployment

In a time of political uncertainty such as the present, one of the debates that becomes inevitable is the debate on unemployment and the influence that new policies have had on the contractual situation...