Monthly Archive: January 2018


Effectiveness and use of codes of conduct

The current complexity of the global business environment, as a result of more dynamic commercial activity and personal relations, means that many companies have already implemented an internal code of conduct for their employees....

A vueltas con el ‘REBECA’ 0

Back to ‘REBECA’

A few months ago, the Canary Islands Special Register of Vessels (REBECA) turned 25. While it has been one of the greatest success stories of recent Spanish shipping policy, since it enabled the Spanish-flagged...

La protección de datos, un nuevo reto para las empresas 0

Data protection, a new challenge for companies

One of the aspects of labor relations in which most doubts arise concerns the data protection obligations, rules and policies with which companies must comply. Indeed, an analysis of circulars, instructions, decisions, guidelines, etc....